What does day one of a cut really look like?

My January cut officially began this morning. I got off to a reasonable start by remembering to drink a pint of water, pop a green tea pill and a Theatrim tablet.

Things that didn’t go so well:

  1. I was supposed to have breakfast 20 minutes after drinking the water and pills. I left it more like 2 hours without realising. The joy of a day off!
  2. I forgot to do any exercise first thing! The plan is to do a five minute burst when I get up to get my heart rate right up. A quick circuit of burpees, press ups, pull ups, sit ups etc.
  3. I forgot to drink a pint of water 20 minutes before eating lunch.
  4. Meal times were all over the place because I ate breakfast later than planned  and went to the gym at lunch time.
  5. I have caught myself three times today just about to grab an apple/chocolate/banana. My snacking habit (even with healthy snacks) is going to be a challenge.
  6. Couldn’t find my caffeine pills, so I have ordered some more. I would have taken one when I woke up, and potentially another before the gym.
  7. Managed to record the whey powder in my lunch twice on MyFitnessPal, nearly doing myself out of 110 Calories.
  8. I didn’t eat enough Calories for the evening meal – I will have a Casein shake and an apple to make up the remaining 256 Calories.

By making a note of what went wrong today, I will be able to do better tomorrow; it is important not to let things slide. Routine and discipline are of paramount importance when trying to change your body shape.

Daily Food structure

To make things easy for myself, I plan to eat the same breakfast and lunch each day – it makes counting calories much simpler. My daily structure should look like this:
20 mins prior: Pint of water, 200mg Caffeine, 1 x Theatrim, 1 x Green Tea Extract
Breakfast: Protein smoothie (239 Calories) + 1 x Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc tablet
20 mins prior: Pint of water + 1 x Green Tea Extract
Lunch: Home made muesli (670 Calories) + 1 x Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc tablet + vitamin D3 tablet
20 mins prior: Pint of water + 1 x Green Tea Extract
Evening meal: 921 Calories + 1 x Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc tablet

Weigh-In (real world example):

I ventured on to the scales this morning to record my starting statistics:
70.7 kg
21.0% body fat
38.4% muscle
8% visceral fat
1631 suggested resting metabolism Calories
So what does all that mean?
21% body fat doesn’t mean that I really am 21% body fat, but it should be relatively consistent for me each time, using the same scales. At my lowest, I was 14.7% according to these scales, so I have a way to go! eek.
My Fat Mass is 0.21 x 70.7 = 14.9 kg – this is the number I want to drop while cutting.
My Lean Mass (everything except my fat mass) is 70.7kg – 14.9kg = 55.8kg
38.4% muscle means that I have 0.384 x 70.7 = 27.1kg Muscle Mass.
8% visceral fat is OK, but not great. It means that I need to do some more fitness training! Anything over 12% would be considered high risk. I would like to get this down to 5 or 6.
My scales also suggested that my Resting Metabolic Rate is 1631, but how does that compare to the Katch-McArdle Formula that I outlined yesterday?
RMR = 370 + ( 21.6 x Lean Mass in Kilogrammes) = 370 + (21.6 x 55.8) = 1575 Calories
So the two numbers are pretty close (56 Calories difference).
Because I exercise roughly 5 times per week, that number gets multiplied by 1.55:
1575 x 1.55 = 2441 Calories
That is my estimated maintenance Calorie level – the amount I need to consume to maintain my current body composition.
For cutting I will aim initially for a 25% deficit, so I will eat 75% of my maintenance Calories = 0.75 x 2441 = 1830 Calories

Photo Time

I took some ‘pre’ photos for too. Don’t skip this stage; you will absolutely regret it later if you don’t have anything to look back on in a couple of months. I took front, back and side photos.
back - Copy front - Copy side - Copy

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