Cue offers Vitamin D and Testosterone home testing

A new device has just been announced on the market that will enable home testing of vitamin D, testosterone, inflammation, influenza and fertility. The Cue device uses one-shot, disposable cartridges and a ‘sample wand’ to read your levels.

You add a droplet of saliva or blood to the sample wand, or take a nasal swab, and the device analyses your sample, sending information to an app on your phone via Bluetooth 4.0.

For anyone trying to achieve peak health, this device has amazing potential. Being able to monitor your own body at home, without having to resort to expensive blood tests, would make the whole process of finding your personal optimal vitamin and mineral doses easier and safer.

The company says that it plans to release other test cartridges in the future. The fact that they picked vitamin D and testosterone tests to release amongst the first batch is encouraging. Both of these play crucial roles in the body.

It is also suggested that the app will make suggestions about how to deal with the information, but I have to say that I expect this to be the weakest part. Even in the sample image they provide, there is a warning of vitamin D falling and the advice to counter this is…’Schedule activity outdoors’. That’s hardly specific; does it take into account the weather, clothing, latitude, season, skin pigmentation, etc? Almost certainly not. If the purpose is to help you hit a specific blood serum level of vitamin D, then the app will need to offer much more specific and usable advice. Going outdoors in winter is NOT going to fix a vitamin D deficiency!

The device, which will become available in the spring of  2015, will cost $199 plus shipping and sales tax. Cartridges will cost $4 a pop.

Hat tip to Engadget.

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