Alphamine test and review (Fruit Punch flavour)

Alphamine is a thermogenic fat loss supplement from PES. Its purpose is to boost your metabolism throughout the day so that you burn off more calories (ideally fat).

It comes in a powder form, rather than the more normal tablets. Although they try to sell this as an advantage, it definitely isn’t for me; I can easily pick up a couple of pills to take with me, but lugging round the tub is not so convenient.

Alphamine also acts as an appetite suppressant, which I am not particularly interested in.  While this is probably useful for someone who doesn’t count calories, for those of us keeping a careful eye on what we eat, and eating often throughout the day, I can’t say that I generally feel hungry. In fact, sometimes it is hard for me to remember to eat… and an appetite suppressant is only going to make that worse. Still, not being hungry isn’t a bad thing.

It is also supposed to include ‘muscle hardening’ agents. I have tried Googling ‘muscle hardening’ but get a mixed bag of results, from improved muscle density to reduced water retention and increased glycogen stores. What they are advertising is better muscle definition when not pumped. Even if I am not entirely sure what it means or how it works, I definitely want some! [note: future article on muscle hardening required]

The lid was tightly sealed on and slightly difficult to open.

The lid was tightly sealed on and tricky to open.

In terms of mixing and taste, it is fine. The Fruit Punch has a pleasant, strongly sweet flavour, and mostly mixes well, although I do have to swirl it around just a bit to make sure that I get every last bit of the powder down. It is very susceptible to water though, and even the slightest dampness can cause the scoop to start collecting a sticky pink layer that just keeps on growing.

There is a note to shake the tub before using every serving, but for some reason they chose to print this vertically, outside the directions for use. Needless to say I missed that initially, as will many people I suspect. I only saw it because I was examining the label for this review. Given that this presumably will affect the mix in some way, I would have thought it sensible to include it in the instructions.

Alphamine Ingredients

Nope, never heard of them

Nope, never heard of them

Having previously used the more ‘natural’ seeming Thermobol and Grenade Thermodetonator, both of which are largely based around green tea extract (in the UK versions),  I was a little concerned by the crazy looking ingredients list in Alphamine (this is the UK version):

  • Choline Bitartrate
  • Alpha-Hydroxy-Isocaproic Acid
  • Eucommia Ulmoides Leaf (98% Chlorgenic Acid)
  • Olive Leaf Extract (Oleuropeain)
  • N-Coumaroyldopamine – Oddly, this one is listed on the tub, but not on their website.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • Higenamine HCl
  • N-Cinnamoyl-B-hydroxy-4-methoxphenyl-aethylamin

Apparently the US version of Alphamine also contains:

  • Pausinystalia Yohimbe (Bark) Extract (SA2-A)

This is a banned substance in the UK, but I have read that this is also the most potent of the ingredients, so that’s a real shame that it isn’t included in mine.

UPDATE (Day 2):

After a couple of days of use, I haven’t noticed a wake-up kick from it as with other thermogenics, nor do I get that feeling in the back of my throat like it is stuck there. No jitters or comedowns. In fact it is hard to notice that it is doing anything!


Started: 7th May 2014

  • Weight: 70.0 kg
  • Body Fat: 21.5%

Finished: 10th June 2014

  • Weight: 68.1 kg (-1.9 kg)
  • Body Fat: 20.2% (-1.3%)

I measured my weight and body fat daily, immediately after waking. The body fat percentage doesn’t look accurate, but it was consistent and so should give a reasonable record of any loss/gains.

I exercised roughly six days per weeks for 1-1.5 hours, doing a mix of weights, cardio and gym classes.

I began while eating roughly a maintenance diet for the first two weeks (around 3000 Calories), and switched to a Calorie deficit (around 2,300 Calories) for the second two week period. While on a maintenance diet, the Alphamine made little difference, but my fat loss did begin properly once I switched to a deficit, although again it quickly plateaued and was probably only the result one would expect from a deficit anyway.

4 pounds of weight loss in a little over four weeks isn’t spectacular.



Just as disappointing, I haven’t noticed any muscle hardening. If anything, they actually feel a little softer.


Before After


I can’t honestly say that I noticed any difference from Alphamine and wont be buying it again.

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