Hello. My name is Anthony and I am an addict.

A gym addict.

All Year Beach Body is about the quest for self improvement.  I’m not looking to win body building competitions or become the world’s fittest person; I want to look and feel good all year round, and help other people achieve that too.

An all year beach body means having:

  • Peak health. Everything else builds on your basic health, so let’s maximise it!
  • A muscular frame. Everyone looks good with some muscle.
  • A toned physique – being trim makes everything else look better.
  • Perfect, vibrant skin.
  • Fitness. You need to be able to run along that beach so that everyone can admire your awesomeness.
  • Flexibility. Beach volleyball, frisbee etc. You can’t be lumbering around!
  • Core strength. There’s no point in having the rest if you crumple the first time you have to carry something heavy.
  • A big smile. Having fun and feeling good on the beach. Or in the shopping mall. Or your kitchen.
  • Inner Confidence. Having a great body will give you more confidence, but it will only truly shine if you feel good inside too.

So why does the world need yet another nutrition/health/fitness/improvement blog? There’s a vast array of information out on the interwebs about eating healthily, losing fat, gaining muscle etc, but it is often piecemeal, contradictory, wrong, unhelpful, looked at in isolation, requires massive life changes or is targeted at the couch demographic.

On top of  that, anyone looking to be healthy is bombarded with marketing bull that confuses even the most careful and knowledgeable people. Vitamin water, anyone? I want to know what actually works and what is worth my time and money.

This site gathers information together specifically for athletes, bodybuilders and beach body enthusiasts. I am training to be a registered nutritionist, offering you my research, opinion and experience.

All of the information and opinion is intended solely for healthy, active adults without any existing ailments. If you are suffering from any ongoing health issues then I strongly suggest that you research any side-effects and potential issues yourself. I always recommend regular blood testing and discussions with your doctor if you make substantial changes to your diet and lifestyle.

If you have any questions or ideas for articles, please let me know :)

I am a qualified Personal Trainer at David Lloyd, Long Ashton (UK) and a nutritionist. I specialise in body transformation coaching – optimising your eating, exercise and lifestyle for losing fat, getting stronger and feeling more confident.